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Signature Events 

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Boss Business Strategies™


Boss Business Strategies™ is a membership-based, exclusive professional network of aspiring and established entrepreneurs looking to find their tribe. Moderated by Ynobe Knows’ CEO, Ebony Johnson, the bi-monthly meetups provide business development training and networking opportunities designed to increase profit and motivate minority entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level.

Boss Your Life™

Our Boss Your Life™ event is hosted by Ynobe Knows Events, LLC and is designed to teach minority college students professional and life skills that will help them strategically navigate their journey to success as undergraduates and after graduation. Established entrepreneurs and business leaders will reflect on their collegiate experiences and share lessons (that they wish they would have known) to teach students how to make the most of their college experience and prepare for a life outside of the classroom. Past topics have included accountability & self-discipline, reputation development, and the power of networking.

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Boss Principles™


Boss Principles™, formerly known as Lessons Over Lunch, is Ynobe Knows’ annual professional luncheon designed to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their professional purpose. Through an engaging and empowering discussion led by a panel of nationally recognized industry experts and entrepreneurs, guests will learn how to take their vision from doubt to execution!

The panel will cover a range of topics, including:

Business Confidence (There’s enough room for all of us!)

Effective Networking & Leveraging Business Relationships

How to Support Fellow Entrepreneurs

Best Practices for Growth and  Customers Retention

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